In light of the ongoing complexities of the pandemic, the city has enforced social distancing measures, leading to the closure of sports centers, clubs, and gyms.

Consequently, it is crucial to maintain physical fitness and enhance immunity during fastest soccer prediction this time. How wonderful would it be to not only stay healthy at home but also improve your soccer skills simultaneously?

Neymarsport presents a series of fundamental exercises focusing on ball control, juggling, and ball retention, allowing you to stay fit and enhance your soccer skills during the pandemic.

First up is the basic ball juggling technique. This is an essential skill that players of all ages must practice regularly. Juggling exercises help synchronize different parts of the body, enhance flexibility, and improve ankle, wrist, knee, and hip movements, ultimately boosting reflexes and situational responses.

Although juggling might seem simple, performing it with the correct technique to enhance ball feel and fluidity in gameplay is not something everyone knows. Follow Neymarsport’s detailed tips in the videos provided and practice accordingly.

Bóng và đất! - Tuổi Trẻ Online

2. Impressive Ball Retention Drills

Next, Neymarsport introduces two impressive ball retention techniques. As we know, players must practice to improve their ball retention skills to prevent losing possession to the opponent, which could affect the match outcome. Practicing these drills will help you develop more agile and responsive feet, facilitating better passes and skillful turns.

Combining these retention exercises with the previously mentioned juggling drills will surely make you stand out when playing soccer with your friends.

Check out the detailed ball retention drills here:

3. Advanced Ball Control Exercises

Finally, we have advanced ball control exercises. Effective ball control is crucial during gameplay. However, not everyone can maintain good control without dedicated practice. The prolonged pandemic might have decreased your ball feel due to a lack of field time.

To address this, Neymarsport presents five ball control techniques, ranging from easy to challenging, that you can practice at home. These drills will help you enhance control with both the sole and the instep of your feet.

Discover the advanced ball control exercises here:


We hope these basic exercises guided by Neymarsport will help you maintain good health during the pandemic and improve your soccer skills, boosting your confidence for when you return to the field.

Don’t forget to follow Neymarsport’s YouTube channel for more updates on soccer training exercises and useful playing tips.Check out additional soccer accessories to enhance your training during the pandemic .

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